Vanuatu Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Team

The Vanuatu Monitoring and Evaluation Research team (VMER) brings together Ni-Vanuatu and locally based Australian development practitioners to support community-based assessments, evaluations and research. The VMER team provides an opportunity for organisations to access local consultants, offering a network of skilled, experienced professionals that produce relevant, ethical and culturally sensitive results. Locally based consultants can be coordinated at short notice, with tailored teams that cater to project needs. Staff are drawn from across Vanuatu, opening extensive networks and connections to communities across the country, whilst reducing travel and logistical costs. All staff speak fluent Bislama, and many are fluent in English and French. Since opening in May 2017, the VMER team have demonstrated exceptional results that consistently meet stakeholder and donor expectations.

A diverse pool of skilled and qualified professionals allows the VMER team to undertake a broad range of activities in various sectors. The team currently has a network of over 50 Ni-Vanuatu practitioners, ranging from entry level staff with experience in administering census and surveys, to experienced consultants with Masters qualifications and/or extensive experience in research, monitoring and evaluation. These staff are supported by three expatriate associate members, each with specialist experience in monitoring and evaluation planning, implementation, analysis and reporting. Services provided by the VMER team include:

– Evaluation planning;
– Data collection, including surveys, focus groups and interviews
– Participatory community monitoring methods and case study development;
– Logistics and meeting arrangements;
– Analysis and reporting;
– Preparation of monitoring, mid-term annual and completion reports;
– Preparation of evaluation research and reports to DAC and DFAT standards;
– Editing;
– Recruitment of enumeration teams;
– Translation and transcription.

The VMER team is effectively managed through the locally based consulting firm Development Services, who provide logistical and administrative support. Development Services is able to coordinate insurance, police clearances, child protection training and code of conducts in line with DFAT and MFAT standards.

The Vanuatu Monitoring, Evaluation and Research team can be contacted
via the Team Leader, Kylie Mullins

e: | p: +678 772 7356.
We are happy to prepare expression of interests, proposals and quotations
to address the objectives of your research activity.